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Operation Management

Operation Management Feature by “FAWSN Characteristics” and Continuous Improvement

With the steady progress and the continuous improvement of operation and management capacity of FAWSN Group, the vision to be an international brand company with core competitiveness has been realized speedily with the support of the base on the operation and management system with “FAWSN Characteristics” and continuous improvement of system capabilities.


Industry-Leading Operation Level


Quality beyond client expectations


Optimized leading cost


Responsive delivery

Improvement of operation system capability

Team building and capacity improvement

Best business practices / promotion


Self-rotation capability and self-optimization capability

Taking the continuous changes from the external market and the changes in internal management requirements, FAWSN Group constantly revises and improves its operation management system, introduces operation management evaluation standards, and conducts targeted annual “Physical Examinations” on its affiliated enterprises, and pays more attention to the sustainability and optimization of the enterprise’s future operation capacity while detecting the current operation status. Currently,the affiliated enterprises have the capacity to rotate and optimize through the continuous development of work.


Stable organizational structure

The status of system personnel is continuously checked every year to identify the shortcomings of professional capacity of management personnel, and capacity’s improvement projects and training are carried out in combination with the capacity and quality model. The capacity of management personnel will be improved through the mode of continuous learning-by-doing and doing-by-doing to realize the building of operation management talent echelon, and ensure the stable foundation of the organizational structure.


Combining the different management characteristics of the affiliated companies, summarizing the best business practices in their respective fields. FAWSN Group has summarized and refined a large number of best practices in area of main process ranges (injection, stamping, welding, painting, assembling, electroplating) in the automotive parts manufacturing industry, which is being promoted and applied in affiliated companies to achieve both cost reduction and efficiency improvement simultaneously.

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