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Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent Manufacturing Management Mode Featured by “FAWSN Characteristics”

Driving Force

Take “Enterprise Vision” as diving force

Strategic Positioning

Create “Brand of FAWSN Intelligent Manufacturing”

Top Intelligent Manufacturing

The policy of work includes “Zero” waste, stable and efficient production process, industry-leading manufacturing technology and providing clients with the best experience. The goal of work is “Application of Industry-Leading Automation and Digital Technology to Achieve the Best Production State in Quality, Delivery, Cost and Human Resource.” The intelligent manufacturing level of FAWSN Group will be continuously improved through the promotion of the group’s strategic planning and implementation in its affiliated companies. Currently, FAWSN Group has been a pioneer in the industry of intelligent manufacturing.


Brand Building

Taking intelligent manufacturing planning, intelligent factory building and intelligent manufacturing consulting as the core work of intelligent manufacturing brand building, FAWSN Group has possessed the capabilities in overall planning, implementation and external consulting through years of practice and exploration.


Cultural Construction

FAWSN Group attaches great importance to the building of intelligent manufacturing culture atmosphere and the talent cultivation of intelligent manufacturing, which has realized an intelligent manufacturing culture building plan. The concept of intelligent manufacturing will root in the mind of every employee by sharing, benchmarking, training and publicizing. The capability of individual and team intelligent manufacturing building will be improved simultaneously.


Standard System Construction

Combining national standards and industry standards, FAWSN Group has established a complete set of industry-leading intelligent manufacturing standard system, including the intelligent manufacturing system standards, intelligent manufacturing hierarchical management system, intelligent manufacturing standard knowledge base, advanced manufacturing technology program library and manufacturing technology standard library.


Intellectual Manufacturing Capacity Improving

The industry-leading in overall capacity of intelligent manufacturing of FAWSN Group has been effectively ensured by annual established improvement projects, involving in advanced manufacturing technology, digital technology introduction and application, automation, digital KPI management to continuously improve the capacities of automation, digitization, and intelligence.

Industry-Leading in Capacities of Automation and Digitization

The intelligent manufacturing of FAWSN Group will always shoulder “Promoting the Optimization and Upgrading of Manufacturing” as its mission, and will deeply implement the intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing engineering to promote the enterprise’s application of advanced and applicable technologies and to strengthen equipment updating. FAWSN Group creates its unique intelligent manufacturing business card by building of intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory and improving the intelligent manufacturing standard system.

Demonstration base
Benchmark projects
Demonstration production lines