FAWSN Holds 2022 Annual Work Conference

    On January 21, 2022, FAWSN held its 2022 annual work meeting in the conference hall on the 4th floor of the Sheraton Hotel in Yitian, Changchun, China. Chairman Wang Yuming, President Zhang Xin, and other members of the management committee, as well as heads of functional departments and offices at the headquarters, as well as the management of affiliated companies, attended this meeting. The conference will establish a Chengdu branch venue, with Chengdu operators participating through video. The meeting was chaired by Director Zhang Dongsheng.


    President Zhang Xin delivered the 2021 Work Report and 2022 Work Outline of Fusheng Group with the theme of "Technology Leading, Innovation and Transformation, and Transformation to a Technological Manufacturing Service Enterprise", reviewing and summarizing the work in 2021. The current world political situation is unstable and economic pressure is enormous; The Chinese economy is under short-term pressure; The automotive market struggled through a downturn; The supply chain is impacted by multiple factors. Faced with the aforementioned environmental impact, Fusheng Group firmly adheres to its strategic determination, innovates, transforms, and develops, and fully achieves its annual work goals. In 2022, with the overall tone of "technology leading, innovation and transformation", we will embark on the first year of transformation of the technology based manufacturing service industry. Efforts will be made to build product research and innovation capabilities, software engineering capabilities, digital and intelligent planning and implementation capabilities, and preliminarily achieve the definition of Fusheng's independent core product technology and manufacturing technology; Continuously promote enterprise transformation, using the implementation of new corporate culture as the carrier, and using ecological innovation, consulting services, talent development, and capital operation as means, carry out the capacity construction of the Fusheng platform for personal career and resource guarantee platforms; Strengthen party building, production safety, compliance, risk control, and cost management work, and fully achieve the annual business indicators.

    President Zhang Xin, on behalf of the group, signed the "2022 Business Objective Offer Letter" and the "2022 Safety and Environmental Protection Work Responsibility Letter" with the affiliated company.

    Vice President Wang Zhiren gave a report on the progress of the entrepreneurship and innovation platform work, reviewed the development process of Fusheng's entrepreneurship and innovation, sorted out the strategy of the platform, and clarified the goals, business planning, and next step work arrangements.

    Vice President Sun Jun conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the annual business performance of each enterprise in 2021, summarized the results, identified shortcomings and environmental risks, and proposed requirements for the main work of the enterprise in 2022.

    Vice President Bao Yazhong gave a report on the current market environment and the marketing strategy of Fusheng Group, providing an in-depth understanding of the Chinese automotive market environment and the host factory environment, and clarifying Fusheng Group's marketing goals.

    Director Zhang Dongsheng releases a new version of corporate culture and interprets it.

    Jiang Yiyang, Senior Business Manager, analyzes the current environment and releases the strategy of Fusheng Group.

    Director Sun Shita of the Digital Intelligence Department and Director Fu Qiang of Fusheng Decoration provided reports and exchanges on the transformation of digital intelligence and the construction of intelligent factories.

    Finally, Chairman Wang Yuming gave a report on "Technology Leading, Innovation and Change, Realizing Ecology and Sustainable Development", pointing out the direction for the future development of Fusheng Group and proposing the role and requirements of leaders. The meeting requires all functional departments and affiliated companies to fully understand the spirit of the report, implement the requirements of this meeting into the specific action plans of each department and enterprise, and strive to achieve the 2022 work goals.