Industry and Products
    Auto Parts
        Bio Based Fiber
        Basalt Fiber Battery Upper Box
        Post Guard
        Luggage Rear Interior Products
        Audi A6l Front and Rear Facing Seats
        Trunk Boot
        Tufted Carpet
        Air Vent
        Auxiliary Dashboard
        Carbon Fiber Exterior Trim
        Engine Nacelle Fittings
        Hongqi Glowing Grille
        Chassis System
        Aluminum Alloy Wheel
        Aluminium Fuel Tank
        Rear Axle Disc Brake
        ear axle wedge brake
        Hub Drum Brake Assembly
        Hub Brake Disc Assembly
         Commercial vehicle U-shaped products
        Passenger Vehicle cold end products
         Passenger Vehicle exhaust hot end products
        Electric Power Steering Pump Assembly
        Power Steering Oil Pump Assy
         Commercial vehicle natural gas aftertreatment
        Electrical and Electronic
        High-power Electronic Cooling Water Pump
        Engine Cooling Fan
        For Window Motor
        Low Pressure Body Ksk Wiring Harness
        Intelligent Network
        Driver Status Monitoring
        Augmented Reality Head-up Display System
        APA Controller
        Electronic Stream Rearview Mirror
        Augmented Reality Projection Assembly
        Electronic External Rearview Mirror
        24ghz Vehicle-mounted Ethernet Millimeter-wave Radar
        Ethernet Intelligent Antenna
        Ethernet Body Domain Controller
        Intelligent Cockpit Domain System
        On-board Ethernet Testing Tools
        Intelligent Acoustic System
        Ethernet Gateway
        On-board Ethernet Hd Camera
        New Energy
        Dc Charging Plug
        Dc Charging Socket
        Ac Charging Plug
        Ac Charging Socket
        Charging Pile
        High Voltage High Current Connector
        High Voltage Low Current Connector
        High-Voltage Wiring
        High Voltage Distribution Box
        A0ev Battery Upper Housing
    Auto Post-market
    Industry Iinvestment
    Core Technologies
    R&D Capabilities
    Intelligent Manufacturing
    Operation Management
    Enterprise Dynamic
        Senior Quality Leaders of FAW Hongqi Visited FAWSN Lear Electric for Inspection and Review
        Chengdu FAWSN Trim Certified by FTRD Odor Laboratory
        Cooperation Innovation, and Pursuing Common Development—FAWSN Logistics Division Signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Jilin University
        Exploration and Innovation Exchange--FAWSN Cockpit System Division Participated In the ATC Automotive Seat Innovation Technology Summit
        Powerful Combination to Make Great Achievement Together--The Signing Ceremony of the Joint Venture of FAWSN LidaProject Achieved a Great Success.
        Company Profile
        Corporate Milestone
        Corporate Culture
    Subordinate Companies
        Tenneco FAWSN (Changchun) Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.
        Chengdu Tenneco FAWSN Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.
        Changchun FAWSN Lear Automotive Electrical & Electronics Co., Ltd.
         Changchun FAWSN Lear Automotive Seating System Co., Ltd.
        Changchun FAWSN Automotive Trim co., Ltd.
        Changchun FAWSN Anchuang Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.
        Changchun FAWSN Changtai Automotive Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
        Changchun FAWSN TBK Braking Co., Ltd.
        Bosch Automotive Components (Changchun) Co., Ltd.
         Changchun FAWSN Grammer Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.
        FAWSN Cooper Standard Automobile System (Changchun) Co., Ltd.
        FAWSN-Nanshan Automobile Aluminum Co., Ltd.
        Changchun FAWSN Yonggui Technology Co., Ltd.
        Logistics Division of Changchun FAWSN Group Co., Ltd.
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